Reseller Lite
Our Reseller Lite plan is competatively priced, has few limitations and is a great choice for new resellers with a small client base. more
Reseller Value
Our Reseller Value plan is perfect for small to mid-sized resellers who require more end-user control panels and higher resource limits than our Reseller Lite plan. more
Reseller Plus
Our Reseller Plus plan was designed for mid-sized to large resellers who require a competatively priced, feature rich hosting solution. more
Reseller Pro
Our Reseller Pro plan has few limitations. This plan was developed for Resellers with a large client base who require a hosting solution with few limitations. more

When you order a reseller plan from us we provide you with a bulk of resources for X amount of dollars. The idea is that you take this bulk of resources and divide it up in to your own custom plans then sell your plans at a profit. You can sell accounts on both Windows and Linux platforms. The plans you create are fully customizable, you can include or exclude what you wish as well as modify all resources levels. To your clients you are the host. You will have your own name server addresses and your own control panel access URL that is completely branded to your company, our name will not be shown anywhere. Your customers will be billed by you through an easy to use automated billing system built into your account. Your customers will submit support requests to you through their control panels. If there is a problem that you cannot handle yourself, you simply need to submit a support request to us through your control panel and we will take care of it for you!


Earn a Recurring Income
There is nothing sweeter than receiving income every single month. No longer will you need to send your clients off to a third party for hosting requirements. We charge you, based on your chosen plan and you charge your clients. There are no restrictions. You are free to charge whatever you like.

We'll set you up with your own custom nameservers, which is what your customers will have to change their domain name's DNS information to in order for their hosting accounts to work.

The nameservers will look something like this:

Primary Nameserver:
Secondary Nameserver:

Your account will be setup so that every account you create will have its zone files automatically set to use your custom nameservers. And, as always, we remain completely anonymous.

In addition to custom name server addresses you are also able to brand your control panel with your own company logo and company information. Your clients will access their control panels using a URL that is branded to your domain. Example: Essentially everything your clients see is your information and never ours.

Managed Hosting Services
You support your clients and we support you. You will never have to worry about upgrading server components or maintaining backups. All hardware and software programs are upgraded automatically when stable releases are issued, so you can concentrate on selling, marketing and supporting your clients instead of worrying about server administration.

Scaleable Plans
So what happens when you out grow your Reseller Plan? Not a problem. Your plan can be upgraded in a matter of minutes via your Reseller Control Panel with zero down time involved. If you exceed any of your plan resources, you will simply be charged an overage and your accounts will continue to function as normal.

Being a Reseller offers you a great deal of flexibility. Our control panel allows you to create custom hosting plans to suite your clients needs. You have the ability to limit and charge for virtually any resource offered with our accounts.

Host Reseller has become a leader in the web hosting industry with a commitment to exceptional service. Host Reseller is well funded and financially successful. We demonstrate to our loyal customers each day our commitment to provide the best services available in the market. We are proud to offer:
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